European Box Books

Quartet of existential nihilism etchings and engravings printed on B.F.K. Rieves paper and boxed in clothbound deluxe European box books.

Studies of the Revolutionary Mind (Series of 7 images) (2000) Edition of 30

Revolutionary Mind Statement

When did the madness begin again … the concept of mass liquidation of human beings? We know that it existed before. But what precise date in the modern era did it start, when human beings no longer had an intrinsic value of their own? Click Here to Read More

Samuel Beckett's "The Lost Ones" (Series of 7 images)

All books signed by Samuel Beckett (1984) Edition of 250

Seven Deadly Sins (Series of 7 images) (1971) Edition of 60

Tibetan Book of the Dead (Series of 6 images) (1967) Edition of 40

The Cycle of Sangsaric Phenomena

Cycle of Sangsaric #I: Realization of death's approach, the fear and anxiety that accompanies this knowledge, and the transformation of the psyche from life to death.

Cycle of Sangsaric #II: Liberation, which the psyche experiences once the death transformation has been completed, takes place. Joy is Nirvana.

Cycle of Sangsaric #III: Deterioration of the psyche, the realization that it has lost its identity and the overpowering desire to seek itself.

Cycle of Sangsaric #IV: Journey of the psyche as it passes through the infinity of death in search of itself. Its visions become less and less defined.

Cycle of Sangsaric #V: Developing sexual fantasies of the psyche take place as it approaches reincarnation. The visions are a manifestation of the psyche.

Cycle of Sangsaric #VI: Moment of conception is taking place. The psyche is drawn into its visions and reestablishes its identity in a new form. The psyche is now to be reborn and continue the sangsaric phenomena.

The Christian Bible and the Moslem Koran are oriented toward the enigmatic question of life after death. Their prophets and devotees considered spiritual experiences as unswaying truths inspired from God. At no time did either believe these experiences a form of hallucinatory vision. Click Here to Read More